• Mission

    Lasting growth in income through development of individuals.

    Zeagle helps companies to record lasting growth in income by ensuring their staff’s development in the field of leadership, internal and external communication and team cohesion. Zeagle provides advice, facilitates development and learning programmes and takes care of individual and team coaching paths. We adopt a customised approach, according to your actual needs, with the aim of creating added value for you.

  • Vision

    Ongoing learning based on the individual’s own experiences.

    To meet the challenges of the future, organisations are constantly investing in the development of their staff. Essential aspects in this process are the result on the shop floor and the bottom-line success.
    We are convinced that people develop by gaining relevant experience. Practically-oriented exercises, manageable models and a carefully devised and stimulating learning atmosphere for participants prime their development.
    The newly learnt skills and attitudes are firmly embedded due to participants making connections between their new skills/conduct and the impact that these have. New insights lead to new convictions, steering them towards actually changing their behaviour.


  • Focus on client, quality and result
    With our focus on your actual needs and the results you want to achieve, we aim to create added value.
  • Permanence
    A better understanding of oneself, learning by doing and the establishment of new convictions ensure a long-lasting development.
  • Integrity
    Your employees are treated with respect and you are given a carefully devised and stimulating atmosphere that is propitious to learning.
  • Keep it simple, stupid
    “Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability”, Edsger Wybe Dijkstra)
  • Partnership
    We aim for a long-term win-win partnership in which thinking along with each other and regular consultation are of vital importance.

Michel Zellien

Michel Zellien

Owner of Zeagle and facilitator/company coach.

Supporting and assisting people in their development is now my passion, my inspiration and my motivation. As from 2012I have coached employees from different industries in the area of leadership, team cohesion, interpersonal efficiency and speaking with impact.

I designed and facilitated developmental programs for the pharmaceutical industry, the medical device industry, the automotive industry, the verification and certification industry, the funeral industry, the banking and school environment and for the United Nations in Benelux, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Africa and North America.

With a wide-ranging professional background encompassing 25 years in sales and marketing at national and international level, I offer a relevant knowledge of the industry.

During my career I have myself seen, at first hand, how leadership and internal and external communication impact on motivation in organisations and on the results these organisations achieve. On the basis of this experience, I deliberately decided to go into this subject in greater depth.

My expertise: consultancy in communication, facilitation and coaching of individuals and teams.


– Postgraduate degree in Business Administration, KUL (Catholic University of Leuven)
– Bachelor’s degree in Motorial Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, KUL

Accreditations and training
– Insights Discovery
– Leadership and coaching, The Centre of Leadership Studies (US)
- Leadership without numbers, Filip Vandendriessche
– Leary’s Rose
– Facilitation Skills, Ciaran Beary Consulting Ltd. (UK)
- NLP Master, Ontwikkelinstituut
– Train the Trainer, Aureka (Lux)
– Professional Coaching, Coaching & Co, Rudy Van Damme
– Solution Selling, SPI (US)
– International Sales Management Development, Stephen Huntley (UK)
- The Art of Speaking, Academy Mortsel

Luc Geukens

Luc Geukens

Co-Facilitator interpersonal and team effectiveness

Working together, in organisations, projects, and teams: what does it mean and how can we employ that sense of collaboration so that people become the best version of themselves?

Cultural differences, different opinions, different interests, different education, different visions, … how do you bring them together to realize a common goal?

These are all unique challenges that always have interested me. I have had the privilege to deal with these challenges when working with large and small teams, construction companies, the government, engineering firms, for banking companies and other organisations.

My expertise: integral project methodology, facilitation of developmental programs, analysing complex situations and facilitation of simple solutions.


Accreditations and training
– Insights Discovery
- Deeper Discovery
– Leary’s Rose (Nl)
– Project management (Vlerick)
- Situational Leadership as a management style (Amelior)
- Effective communication (Dale Carnegie)

Myriam Mulder

Myriam Mulder

Co-Facilitator ‘Speak with more impact’

My entire career I have focussed on inspiring and motivating people in different ways: performing on stage, giving drama lessons or coaching… that is what drives me personally.

In my drama classes, I love reinforcing people’s verbal and non-verbal expression. Through coaching, I help people understanding and gaining greater insight into who they are, what they want and what they are able to do. I am using movement, posture and voice because often the body already indicates what the mind doesn’t want to know just yet.

Focus and flow are key to pleasure and success, which is what I discovered as an amateur tennis player and professional actor. In addition to my work as an actor, I have been teaching for 22 years at the Academy for Music, Word and Dance in Mortsel.

My expertise: bringing balance to mind and body and activating the playing man.


– Drama masters
– Degree of aggregation
– Business coach

Accreditations and training
– Puppet Theater
– Multicultural Theater
– Story telling


Zeagle works with a network of well-established professionals with international experience. Specialised facilitators, training officers and coaches in our network share the same development background, which means we are on the same wavelength as regards the way we work with individuals, teams and organisations. We regularly challenge each other in exchange-of-view sessions, follow supplementary training courses and sessions together... and regard enjoyment as a serious business.