Increase your impact as a speaker

  • As a speaker, you want to motivate, inspire and convince people.
    Therefore, you need to get in touch with your audience. Otherwise, nothing will happen... or rather something no-one wants to see or hear!

    We help you develop a verbal and nonverbal language that suits you and enables you to make an impact.

    During our interactive workshops, you will learn to
    • capture and hold an audience’s attention right to the end
    • communicate in a congruent manner, both verbally and nonverbally
    • structure speeches, write stylishly and memorise your text
    • follow through your reasoning to a logical conclusion which serves as your signature
    • improve your self-confidence, enjoyment of public speaking, charisma and ability to move your audience

  • In-company workshops tailored to your company and suitable for immediate implementation
    Depending on your expectations, we draw up a course together, which may range from one or two sessions for one or more teams.

    Why attend our workshops? What makes them unique?
    • your course is tailored to your requirements
    • with no more than 5 participants, you have plenty of opportunity to practice
    • our thoughtful and lively approach, with inspiring examples, videos and relevant feedback
    • our extensive experience and references
    • you are able to genuinely use their insights and experiences
    • you will become truly competent


Are you an HR manager or a team leader?
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