Increase your Teams’ interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Bonding plays an increasingly important part in the development of organisations, as results now require cooperation more than ever before.
    Good working relationships develop when people learn to appreciate each other better. For people to work Effectively together, they need to know themselves and other people better. With Insights Discovery, our easy-to-use and easy-to-remember method, we create the ideal conditions for cooperation and communication within your teams.
    As a result, people trust each other more and their dedication increases as well as their motivation to achieve good results.

    We help people improve their working relationships. When this happens, productivity, communication, customer service, organisational culture, teamwork, dedication and effective leadership also improve.

    During our interactive workshops, team members learn how to
    • better understand their own and other people’s triggers, qualities, pitfalls, pet hates and areas for improvement
    • work towards goals, working methods, cooperation and harmony
    • be more aware of their intrinsic value as team members
    • adjust their behaviours and interactions to each other
    • supply constructive feedback to colleagues and customers, and also receive it
    • listen actively
    • further develop mutual trust

  • In-company workshops tailored to your company and suitable for immediate implementation
    Depending on your expectations, we draw up a course together, which may range from one or two sessions to a modular programme lasting several weeks or months for one or more teams.

    Why attend our workshops? What makes them unique?
    • your course is tailored to your requirements
    • plenty of interaction and practice, and also moments for relaxation, fun and bonding
    • our extensive experience and references
    • team members are able to genuinely use their insights and experiences
    • you can see the difference in the workplace in terms of trust, cooperation and results


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