Emotional intelligence as a cornerstone of development

  • We employ various methods to enhance participants’ self-awareness and their awareness of others:

    • the Insights Discovery's four-colour model
    • Leary’s Rose
    • 360 degree evaluations
    • learning labs during which participants define and explore their own situations
    • constructive feedback from other participants and facilitators
    • developmental coaching

    Participants gain a clearer perception of how emotions influence behaviour and an increased understanding of their strengths, the points they need to work on to develop, their motives and their needs, with a view to managing themselves and their relationships to better effect.

Learning by doing

  • Participants learn by doing. They actively incorporate and assimilate knowledge and skills on the basis of exercises or role-play situations that have practical relevance.

    In the course of learning paths they are supplied with concepts that help ensure that new perceptions take root and become established.
    Participants reflect on how they can apply these new perceptions in such a way as to increase their effectiveness in their day-to-day role. As facilitator/coach, we guide and supervise the learning process. We create a secure and challenging learning environment, in which participants are encouraged to reflect and develop.

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Establishing new convictions

  • By establishing a clear connection between one’s own conduct and the impact this has on others, on the work atmosphere or on a process, participants adopt new convictions.
    It is precisely these convictions that actually enable them to use their skills in practice. It is the “why” of the new skill that prompts them also to demonstrate the conduct, not the conduct itself as such.
    This logical anchoring is essential if a lasting effect is to be achieved.

Working with real management demands from the social sector

  • One of the possible ways of bringing about a unique learning experience is to let participants work on a real demand from organisations in the social economy, such as NGOs, for example. The fact of being able to contribute to these organisations substantially increases the participants’ involvement, affords learning paths an extra dimension and inspires organisations wanting to incorporate an element of social responsibility.

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Customised development paths

We adopt a customised approach, in accordance with your specific situation.

On the basis of intake interviews, we outline your current situation and the situation you want to arrive at.

We work with exercises that have a practical relevance and with manageable models that are attuned to your situation.
With a view to maximum interaction and impact, we work with small learning groups of six to 12 participants.
You will be given regular substantive feedback on the way things are going, the group dynamic and the impact the sessions are having.
On the basis of the experience gained, we strive to develop a lasting partnership, in which we put our heads together to think about future business development.

Contribution of relevant business experience

Some of the material used in your workshops comes in the form of striking real-life examples taken from our facilitators’ many years of business experience.

Mental and physical relaxation

In order to obtain a 100% mental and physical deconnection, we recommend to organise workshops outside the working environment. We know different locations where your teams will feel comfortable and where we guarantee good conditions. We can organise one of more leisure activities at your demand.